AI is taking over your smart TV – here’s why that’s important

Mike Dean
March 28, 2023
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AI is becoming a big player in TVs, not just for fancy features but for making your picture quality better. At the recent CES tech show, companies like LG and Samsung showed off their new AI-powered TVs.

These TVs can do all sorts of cool stuff with AI. For example, they can reduce noise in the picture, making it look cleaner. They can also identify different objects on the screen and adjust the color and contrast for those specific things. This can make the picture look more vivid and realistic.

AI is even being used to improve how TVs handle HDR content, which is a fancy way of saying shows and movies with super bright highlights and deep blacks.  Also, AI can take older content that wasn't filmed in HDR and make it look better on your new fancy TV.

One interesting example is LG's new feature for their OLED TVs. It can analyze how a movie director used color in different scenes and then adjust the colors on your TV to match that vision.  Samsung is also using AI in their new 8K TVs to get rid of motion blur, especially during fast-moving scenes like sports.

Another big benefit of AI in TVs is upscaling. This means taking a lower resolution picture (like regular HD) and making it look good on a super high-resolution TV (like 8K).  Samsung's new AI upscaling uses a giant database of images and special processing to create new pixels and smooth out the picture so it looks sharp on your giant screen.

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Mike Dean

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