AI traffic camera program detects driver behavior

Jim Hendricks
March 28, 2023
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Police departments in Prince George’s County are trying out a new traffic camera program that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor and improve driver behavior. The company behind this tech, Obvio, has developed a system that targets unsafe driving and gives drivers real-time feedback through digital message boards. For instance, if a driver runs a stop sign, a billboard displays a message like “AN UNSAFE STOP,” letting them know immediately what they did wrong.

Cottage City Police Chief Anthony Ayers highlights that unlike traditional speed cameras, which only inform drivers of their mistake when they receive a ticket in the mail, this system provides instant feedback. This immediate response is believed to be more effective in correcting driver behavior. The program is currently being tested in Colmar Manor and Forest Heights, with Cottage City already having completed its pilot phase. The results have been promising, showing a 76% decrease in stop sign violations.

These AI-powered cameras can also detect other infractions, such as bike and bus lane violations and failing to yield to pedestrians. The footage from these cameras can be used by police for enforcement and as evidence in court. However, unlike traditional speed cameras, these AI cameras don’t issue tickets or fines automatically. Instead, they work with police officers who can pull over drivers based on the camera-detected violations.

Traffic safety has been a significant concern for the community, and local police departments are responding by planning to install more of these AI cameras. Cottage City, for instance, intends to acquire two cameras and will fund the program using revenue from existing speed cameras. This approach aims to enhance road safety and address community concerns more effectively.

For more details on how AI is being used to improve traffic safety in Prince George’s County, check out the full story:

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Jim Hendricks

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