Empowering students to bring change in the Middle East

Anna Oneal
March 28, 2023
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The article discusses the Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow (MEET) program, which aims to bring together young Palestinian and Jewish Israeli students to learn about computer science, entrepreneurship, and leadership. The program, founded by MIT alumni, seeks to empower students to positively impact the Middle East through collaboration and skill-building. It highlights the story of Joseph Michael, a participant in the MEET program, who discovered his passion for expanding computer literacy and now works as an instructor and mentor in coding and entrepreneurship.

MEET's founders, Anat Binur and Yaron Binur, were inspired to start the program while studying at MIT in response to violence in their home country of Israel. They recognized the importance of broadening the perspectives of Middle Eastern youth and equipping them with the skills to make a positive impact in the region.

The MEET program has had a significant impact, with over 800 students going through it, and many alumni going on to work on conflict resolution, advocacy, startups, and research. The program has also helped break down barriers between Palestinian and Israeli students, fostering understanding and collaboration. It has grown in reputation and impact over the years, with rigorous training in coding, business skills, and soft skills like teamwork and empathy. The program continues to expand its alumni network and plans to launch a new leadership program in collaboration with MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI).

While MEET has made significant progress in fostering understanding and cooperation among young Israelis and Palestinians, the founders acknowledge that their ultimate mission of bringing peace to the Middle East is still a work in progress. Nonetheless, they are encouraged by the positive impact the program has had on the lives of its participants and their families.

Full article: https://news.mit.edu/2023/empowering-students-meet-program-1006

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Anna Oneal

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