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No app downloads / logins

No chatbots

No passwords to remember

No waiting on hold

No usernames to remember

No endless links to click through

No sharing of your data

No social media misinformation

No algorithms

No tracking of your location

No automated messages, EVER.

Hours of operation:
9AM- 5PM (PST)
Monday - Friday

“Because this is not an app, we are not tracking you, or sharing your data in anyway!”

Our Mission


Talk To A Human is a simple utility that connects you to emphatic and helpful people in real-time.


Use Talk To A Human to find solutions when search engines, chat bots, social media, customer service numbers, machines, AI, algorithms, software systems, big tech, and corporations fail to help.


To create a bridge where humans can help each other fill in the gaps technology creates in our lives.

Benefits of Using Talk To A Human.

100% Human, no dumb silly chatbots, or automated messages.

Saves time and connects you fast to someone who can help.

Saves frustration of clicking on link after link, or being on hold.

Create meaningful and personalized experiences for every interaction.

The problem TalkToAHuman solves.


How many people are using chatbots.


Average minutes a year people waste on hold.


Customer satisfaction rating in Fortune 500 companies.


Percentage of consumers who said they felt frustrated when their interaction began with chatbots.

See what other humans say

""TalkToAHuman saved me when tech failed; a real person understood my frustration and guided me to fix the issue.""

Alice Smith

Project Manager

"Stranded with a complex tech glitch, TalkToAHuman bailed me out with patient guidance—truly a vital human touch in today's digital chaos."

Mike Carlson

Project Manager

"When automated solutions left me hanging, TalkToAHuman stepped in, showing both expertise and empathy, making it my ultimate problem-solving stop."

Mike Carlson

Project Manager

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