AI Stats News: 86% Of Consumers Prefer Humans To Chatbots

Anna Oneal
March 28, 2023
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The article titled "AI Stats News: 86% Of Consumers Prefer To Interact With A Human Agent Rather Than A Chatbot" discusses the findings of a survey regarding consumer preferences for customer service interactions. According to the survey, a significant 86% of consumers express a preference for engaging with a human customer service agent over using a chatbot.

Key points from the article include:

  1. Consumer Preference: The survey reveals that the vast majority of consumers prefer human interaction when dealing with customer service issues, indicating a strong preference for speaking to a live customer service representative.
  2. Reasons for Preference: The article explores the reasons behind this preference, suggesting that while chatbots and AI-driven customer service solutions are becoming more common, consumers still value human interaction, especially for addressing complex or emotionally charged issues.
  3. Balancing Automation: The survey findings emphasize the importance of maintaining a balance between AI-driven automation and human customer service agents to provide a well-rounded and customer-centric support experience.

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In summary, the article highlights that a significant majority of consumers prefer interacting with human customer service agents over chatbots, particularly for more complex or emotionally sensitive matters. This preference underscores the continued significance of human involvement in customer service despite advancements in AI and automation.

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Anna Oneal

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