The AI light bulb ‘Helium’ learns your life pattern

Carla Rosa
March 28, 2023
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Super-smart light bulb learns your habits

Imagine a light bulb that acts like a super-smart friend. This is Helium! It uses fancy machine learning tech to learn your habits and adjust the lighting in your house automatically. No need to fiddle with a phone app – Helium figures things out on its own. It even improves your Wi-Fi signal on the side!

Helium learns your routines, like a good friend

Helium uses Bluetooth to sense your movements and figure out your daily routine. So, when you walk into a room, the light turns on at a comfortable brightness. Same for your desk lamp – it knows when you sit down and turns on with the perfect light color and brightness for the time of day. Pretty neat, right?

Helium even helps you get a good night's sleep

Helium gets to know your sleep schedule too. If you're a creature of habit and usually hit the sack around 11 pm on weekdays, Helium will send you a notification 30 minutes before to remind you. It can even turn off the lights automatically if you doze off and forget. But if you're burning the midnight oil, you can reply to the notification and keep the lights on for a bit longer.

Helium personalizes your light for comfort and sleep

Unlike other light bulbs that make you set a bunch of controls, Helium is all about learning your life patterns. It automatically adjusts the light color throughout the day to create a comfy environment. Plus, it reduces blue light, which can mess with your sleep. Studies say too much blue light makes it harder to fall asleep, so Helium keeps things cool white (around 5,000K) during the day and switches to a warm white (around 2,700K) in the evening to help you unwind.

Helium acts like a Wi-Fi superhero too!

Ever have those dead zones in your house where the Wi-Fi signal just sucks? Most folks spend a bunch of money on Wi-Fi extenders to fix that. Well, guess what? Helium has a built-in Wi-Fi extender! It can boost the signal wherever you screw it in, so you can enjoy strong Wi-Fi throughout your house.

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Carla Rosa

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