How Rizz Assistants and AI Matchmakers Are Transforming Dating

Anna Oneal
March 28, 2023
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In this narrative, Andrew, a 21-year-old college senior, grapples with developing romantic feelings for a friend. Seeking advice from friends only led to conflicting opinions and disputes within his fraternity-centric social circle. Frustrated by the lack of thoughtful guidance, Andrew, using his middle name for privacy, turns to AI for counsel, specifically Meeno, an AI relationship coach.

While Meeno's advice isn't groundbreaking, the act of engaging with the app and receiving affirmations boosts Andrew's confidence. He describes Meeno as a mentor, appreciating its role in navigating social situations that make him uncomfortable or indecisive. Renate Nyborg, Meeno's 38-year-old founder, established the platform to address post-COVID-19 loneliness among young people, offering insights into various relationships beyond the romantic realm.

AI's influence extends to dating apps, with platforms like Rizz providing assistance in crafting responses to alleviate the initial awkwardness of online communication. Users, like Artem Chernikov, appreciate the inspiration Rizz provides. Many users discreetly leverage AI without disclosing it to their dates. Traditional dating services, such as Tinder, are incorporating generative AI into features like detecting offensive messages and helping users select their best photos.

A new wave of dating apps, acting as matchmakers, embraces AI-centric approaches. SciMatch predicts compatibility based on personalities inferred from facial scans, claiming an 87% accuracy rate. Iris Dating emphasizes attraction, using AI to understand user preferences and narrow down potential matches. Snack, a Gen Z-focused app, allows users to create avatars emulating them for compatibility assessments before engaging with real people.

While some experts express skepticism about AI's ability to predict human attraction intricacies, others, like Liesel Sharabi, believe that combining various factors through AI may inch closer to predicting compatibility. The evolving intersection of AI and dating holds intriguing possibilities, challenging traditional matchmaking and relationship-building approaches.

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Anna Oneal

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