Have beauty face filters on social media gone too far and should we regulate them?

Carla Rosa
March 28, 2023
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The discussed topic revolves around the widespread practice of editing pictures and applying filters on social media, primarily within the context of beauty and self-image. This trend is explored, focusing on its underlying reasons and the broader implications it carries in today's digital age.

The prevalence of photo-editing applications and filters in the realm of social media is acknowledged. These tools offer individuals the means to augment their appearance, mask imperfections, and adhere to particular beauty standards, showcasing the influence of social media platforms in shaping how people present themselves.

The article also scrutinizes the pressures imposed by social media, which often compel individuals to project a carefully curated and seemingly flawless image. It delves into the potential consequences of these practices, including the cultivation of unrealistic beauty ideals and the propensity for individuals to engage in unfavorable self-comparisons.

Ultimately, the importance of authenticity and self-acceptance is underscored in the digital age, with the article advocating for embracing one's natural beauty.

For the full story: https://www.instyle.com/beauty/editing-pictures-filters-social-media

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Carla Rosa

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